About Us

Who We Are

We are the Pop-Cyclers, peddling our way into the heart of Toledo area, by way of nostalgia and delicious sweets.  You can find us peddling  around town, during warm evenings and weekends, throughout the City of Toledo and the Point Place Marina District.  

5% of  proceeds will be donated to a selected non profit each month.  If you invite us or hire us for an event, 5% of sales from that event will be donated to your event or a non profit of your choice.  

Working to build our community by way of ice cream and local support. 

Our Flavors

We will offer different varieties of Novelty  "on the go" ice cream products.  Each time you see us well will offer a different variety of ice cream treats. If requested, we will include sugar free, fat free and dairy free products.  Our menu will change based on demand and availability. Please email us with your favorites, so we can supply them.  We will also be offering frozen "pup-cycle" treats for our furry friends.

Come Find Us

We will be cycling our into the hearts and neighborhoods of Point Place, Downtown Toledo and Toledo neighborhoods and more.  Please watch for our bike and listen for our festive tunes on a beautiful spring or hot summer day. 

We will also be available to host your special occasions.  Our old fashioned ice cream tricycle will always add a flair of nostalgia, fun and a reminder of times when life was simple and when ice cream  melted all your stress away.